Photo by Meg Staley 

Photo by Meg Staley 


In 2008 I retired from a 38-year career in news design and art direction which included long tenures at The Boston Globe and Newsweek. While Design Director at Newsweek in New York City, I passed the door to a famous art school on 57th Street almost every day. And almost every day, I thought, “Someday, I’ll be back here as an artist.”

Amazingly, that has come to pass.


My professional career hinged on the use of visual information to tell a story. Today my vocabulary is still visual, but the experience is more personal.

I've spent the last 8 years developing the part of my brain that sees rather than analyzes. It took me 5 years to draw the figure, to reliably capture in two dimensions the complexities of three. Then I added the variable of color and started to paint. All that's needed, I was told, is to put the right mark in the right place using the right color. Simple right?

Anything but, and so I find the process totally absorbing.


Much of the work shown on this website was produced in Sharon Sprung’s morning painting class at that “famous” school, the Art Students League of New York.

Sharon’s skill as a painter and generosity as a teacher has helped me progress to my current level. And that guidance has given me the confidence to rent a small studio in Harlem where I’m able to develop my own ideas beyond the discipline of the classroom.

Every painting was done in oil. Many pieces shown are held in private collections and I also work on commission. I invite you to contact me directly to learn more about my work.